Firearm Classes

Men’s Only Handgun Class Info…

Sunday, June 23rd
10:00 to Noon


If you have never shot at Cardinal Shooting Range before, please complete this online waiver prior to coming.

Items to Bring

First and foremost, please be on time! We will be starting right at 10 am, so please be on time!!!

If you are late you will miss important information and instructions.

Please DO NOT forget your firearms and ammo (if you are not renting or buying from me). You need at least 50 rounds of ammo, but can bring more if you like.

Remember this is an outdoor range, so check the weather report and dress appropriately! We will shoot even if it rains, however we will stop if there is lightening. So far, I have not seen lightening in the forecast.

Long pants, closed-toe comfortable shoes, and maybe a hat are suggested. Long story short, be prepared for the weather.

I would also bring something to drink, preferably water or a sports drink.

If you have the following items, please feel free to bring them:

— Eye protection
— Ear protection
— Extra magazines for your handgun
— Magazine holder, pouch, or carrier
— Holster (In waistband or Out waistband will do)

** If you don’t have eye or ear protection, I will have some you can use.


Cardinal Shooting Center
616 OH-61
Marengo, OH 43334

Once you get off of 71, you will want to turn into the drive right before the BP station on your left.

From there, drive all the way to the back past the car wash on right and laundromat on the left; and you will see a small road. Turn left there and follow around to the front gates of Cardinal Center (which faces the highway).

Turn right into the gates, and follow the road all the way back past all of the garages on your right, and trailers/campers on your left.

The signs that say Pistol Range are what you want to follow.

Once you get all the way to the back (it will take you a few minutes of driving), turn right into the parking lot for the Pistol Range and park there.

See the below overhead map with the route starting from the BP station right off of the highway exit thru Cardinal highlighted. Click it to enlarge.